"I want the world to be better because WE were here."


That's the vision and mission behind Mike Ching, a logo designer from Sydney, Australia with a huge passion for self development & sacred geometry.


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Hi, I am Mike Ching and I am the founder of DesignbyChing, which is my design studio and design blog. I specialise in logo designs and offer various creative solutions for anyone around the world.


There's a Japanese term in zen teachings; "ichigyo-zammai", that basically means full concentration on a single act...


At the age of 13 I started designing logos as a hobby. At first it was just scribbling the famous logos like Nike, Adidas, BMW, etc. Then I took that a notch up by designing logos for my school's; sports teams and social clubs. 


Fast forward to present after almost 2 decades; I'm now making a living out of what i love doing... which is designing logos.


Past clients have included the likes of many interesting-passionate, individuals, artists and companies where I've helped them with their grass-root campaigns; starting from the logo design to the complete visual identity of their products and services.


Please do check out my portfolio and/or get in touch with me; especially if you're in need of a distinctive unique logo design.


Career details as a Creative Director:          "I am an accomplished branding expert from Sydney, specialising in the fields of corporate identity (logo) design, print media and digital branding. I take a holistic approach when designing and implementing marketing promotions for clients; beginning with grassroots campaigns that focus on logo design and complete corporate branding solutions. These designs become the gateway to digital solutions for my clients from print to online presence."

"Over the past 18 years of my career as a designer, my minimalistic approach has proven that “less is always more”. Focusing on the core values, history and the voice of the clients' offering allows me to cater specifically to their unique needs while bringing over a decade of proven digital media success and leadership to the finished product."

"Make first impressions last"

Logo design; Design by Ching


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