"I want the world to be better because we were here”. Thats the vision and mission behind Mike Ching, A Logo Designer from Sydney, Australia with a huge passion for self development & sacred geometry. 


Hi, I am Mike Ching and I am the founder of DesignbyChing™ , which is my design studio and design blog. I specialise in logo designs and offer creative solutions for anyone around the world. 

Designing Logo's has been my hobby since I was 13 years old. Fast Forward  >>

I have mastered the art of shapes and patterns, worked as a freelance graphic designer to Sydney's top firms and worked for Sydney's corporate world in a senior leadership team which has given me good grounds to build my foundation. At present, I provide my services for anyone who is in-need of a quality logo design

Past clients have included the likes of many interesting-passionate, Start-up companies where I helped with their grass-root campaigns. Feel free to read some lovely testimonials from them.

Please do check out my portfolio and/or get in touch especially if you’re in need of a distinctive unique logo design.