CUP O FLORA® wins Good Design Award®


Logo design newsletter  |  JUL 2018

CAB digital media in the spotlight


Telstra has inked a deal with Sydney-based start-up Cab Digital Media that will see nearly 1000 digital advertising boards fitted on the back of taxis nationally

Cab digital media, logo design; Design by Ching

The three-year-old business in partnership with Telstra has developed an Internet of Things (IoT) product that will leverage the mobile network of Australia's largest telecommunications provider for its flagship TaxiLive product.


Cup O Flora wins; Good Design Award 2018

Cupoflora logo 00x2.jpg

The annual Good Design Awards is Australia’s most prestigious Awards for design and innovation with a proud history dating back to 1958. The Awards celebrate the best new products and services on the market, excellence in architectural design, digital and communication design and reward emerging areas of design including business model innovation, social impact and design entrepreneurship. 

CupOFlora, logo design; Design by Ching

The winners of Australia's Good Design Awards, the highest honour for design innovation in Australia, were announced at the Sydney Opera House on 17 May at the 60th Annual Good Design Awards Ceremony.

CUP O FLORA® Self-Watering Pot received a prestigious Good Design Award® Winner in the Product Design category in recognition for outstanding design and innovation.


New logo designs added to the portfolio...



It was an absolute pleasure; helping 'the job helpers' ... The team that's going to revolutionise this industry and simply focus on helping people get #jobs

the Job helpers, logo design; Design by Ching


Client: the Job Helpers

Country: Fargo, North Dakota; USA

Business: The team that's going to revolutionise this industry and simply focus on helping people get jobs.

Project: Brand identity; Logo design; Design by Ching.

Idea:  ‘ t h e   J o b   h e l p e r s ’



neon 004.jpg

Sydney's nightlife will never be the same. 'Neon Studios Sydney', will host the hottest parties and events to come...

I really enjoyed working on this logo with Neon Studios co-founder Ryan Drago. They value the experience and love their new logo! 

More details will be revealed so watch this space.

Client: Neon Studios Sydney

Country: Sydney, Australia

Business: Event management company based in Sydney; which organises exclusives nightlife events around the world-class harbour.

Project: Brand identity; Logo design; Design by Ching.

Idea:  'The neon vibration' mono icon. The vibration of the energy of the people. The collective vibe. N E O N.


Hiking in the Slovakian mountains...

Next 3 months I'm on the road interacting with different cultures and simply being in the moment, sharing it with my #1. This inspires me to express my creativity... Please follow us on our journey of this creative expression on Instagram @designbyching

Mid-July we are camping and hiking in the Slovakian mountain surroundings. Will be back at base in Prague and looking forward to a week in Amsterdam in late July.

Please note that 'DesignbyChing' services are running at full swing and I'm always online to answer any enquiries related to 
design services.

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What's new on the blog?

In case you've missed... the theory of x, by Mike Ching. Read the article on my blogo. Let me know your thoughts!

The blog part of the 'Design by Ching' website has renamed as 'blogo'; thought of been a bit playful by blog + logo = blogo.

Still on the journey of trying to understand what my writing

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‘Creative expression’ by Ching.


The first principle cannot be said; it can only be expressed but as soon as it’s expressed it becomes the 2nd principle.
And the 2nd principle has a purpose.
The 2nd principle is the illusion that one’s mind creates to cater the survival needs to function your physical entity there by which the universe is gaining a massive benefit out of your actions as those actions cause the reactions needed by the universe. So you’re no way out of the equation; to be out of the equation is your avoiding the first principle. 

The 2nd principle represents the creative expression. Ideally for the universe to have the best eco-friendly model it will need or would love a creative species that will benefit the collective in the longer run. It will not tolerate negative behaviour and ensure; that within your 2nd principle you will witness destruction before your eyes, following false prophecy and ideas that you worship.

So drink water. Breathe. Rest.
And create a better world. 

If it all comes down to a logo design; Design by Ching

- Mike Ching