Logo Design; Design by Ching

I can create a unique logo design for you. Each design will be sketched to concept. I will deep dive into your own consciousness and re-create a brand identity that will be unique to you or/and your business. The method I use is simple. It’s all about time and effort. I believe once these two principles are mastered we can achieve time-less and effort-less designs.

Designing logo's has been my x, which marks the spot. It's my passion and I wake up to this mastery every single morning. Check my work and if you like it; please do get in touch with me.

Logo design; Design by Ching 




I can provide services for any creative work required by your business to boost your Productivity and Sales. Increase your business identity value by teaming up with a creative counterpart.

I provide creative brand direction from graphical, mental to physical appearances. I'm an expert in shapes and forms and have an immense educational background and a proven track record of a high performing individual in both small to large Government & Enterprise businesses. Reference available on request.



I also help and discuss with people on their individual path to self-mastery through Numbers, patterns and scared geometry. The idea is to re-unite the creative force within each individual to understand their dualistic mind and create a new conscious by a new awakened approach to fulfil their “Ultimatum” in their life or business goals. Start here. 

Contact me for a meet and greet personally or in a group.